You may have seen the statement from Tom Carter.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff makes it clear he supports the Second Amendment.  He’s aware there may be a time when you need to defend yourself and law enforcement could be more than a few minutes away as well.

There may be a growing interest in carrying a pistol after some recent high-profile shootings in Twin Falls.  While still rare, population growth brings not only the best but also the worst when it comes to the quality of life.  Couple that with the holiday season and it can be dangerous to take your shopping bags across a dark parking lot.  However, if you put a gun into the hands of someone who has never handled one before, you’re asking for trouble.  Which is why the Sheriff recommends you train.  And train properly.

This would include finding a certified instructor (as opposed to certifiable!).

Two people I would trust when it comes to this matter would be the Gun Guys, hosts of our weekly gun show on Newsradio 96.1 and 1310 KLIX.

This is what they do for a living.  Much like the Sheriff, they would remind you that without training, you could be as much of a menace as the criminals who prey on the good people of the Magic Valley.

You can hear the latest installment from this week’s program by clicking this link.  By the way, they’re always willing to entertain your questions and comments.

Remember, a safe society is one where regular people trust each other and avoid giving crime an opportunity.

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