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RJ Posey grew up in Southern Idaho.  Then he served his country aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean.  Now he serves his fellow veterans as a Commander of the American Legion in Jerome.

He also believes the President of the United States has had his rights violated by Democrats.  Specifically, those in the United States House of Representatives.  Posey believes Nancy Pelosi and her liberal colleagues are also guilty of treason.  He wants Democrats arrested and tried for their crimes. 

He dropped by the Jerome County Sheriff’s Office and swore out a complaint.

He realized there wasn’t likely any action in Washington.  He dropped by the Jerome County Sheriff’s Office and swore out a complaint.  The Navy veteran reasons the Sheriff is constitutionally the highest ranking law enforcer in his jurisdiction.  The complaint can now be forwarded to the County Prosecuting Attorney and perhaps the office of the Idaho Attorney General.

Mr. Posey also believes if his fellow citizens across the country did the same, we could get the attention of people in Washington.

It’s a longshot, I suppose, but if you’re not getting action from a distant government, then you need other options.

Some rank and file Democrats are likely repeating Pelosi’s claims about a constitutional crisis.  These are like crocodile tears.  No reasonable people buy what she’s selling.  The country has much bigger threats and challenges.

You can listen to RJ Posey’s appeal below:

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