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First, as you can see in the picture above, it’s not the animals being abused.  The photo is from the rodeo at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.  The one liberals plan to shut down.

In New York you can face jail and fines for declawing cats.  Abortion up to 9 months is just fine.

A thank you to Jerome County Commissioner Charles Howell for sending me this link from the liberal New York Daily News.  A member of the New York State Legislature (a liberal from New York City) claims the big event at Madison Square Garden is barbaric.  Never mind the participants love animals.  It’s why many are attracted to the sport.

It would be simple to say we won’t ever see any lunatics talking about banning rodeos in Idaho but let’s not kid ourselves.  There are people currently serving in Boise who would love to consign it a relic of history.  Recently, a Democrat working in our State House of Representatives made a pitch for the Equal Rights Amendment.  Which would legalize abortion up to a delivery date and perhaps beyond.

Remember, a perception cowboys and cowgirls are abusing bulls and horses is a call for action.  Killing babies is OK.  In New York you can face jail and fines for declawing cats.  Abortion up to 9 months is just fine.

And there’s another argument the left misses.  Every year members of the rodeo team from the College of Southern Idaho join me in studio.  They promote a yearly fundraiser.  These young people are respectful.  In other words, polite and disciplined.  They’ll mostly go on to successful and productive lives.

Contrast it with my experience with people from New York City.  I went to college in a small Upstate New York town.  The guys from the big city generally only did enough work to get a diploma, which they thought they were owed.  They were mouthy, arrogant and usually drunk.  They also had some bad qualities.

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