Two maintenance workers claimed they saw it wandering the campus as they were on a roof.  At 8:15 on Wednesday morning.  They attempted from a distance to get a picture.  Idaho Fish and Game is looking into the report but there’s no confirmation as I'm writing this late this morning on Thursday.  It would be rare for a big cat to be on the campus in the early morning hours but not an impossibility.

The Snake River Canyon is a few blocks to the north.  The canyon is a highway for wildlife.  The animal could have emerged from the canyon and crossed Pole Line Road, or taken the trail beneath the road.  Then it’s a short jaunt through an RV park and on the way to campus.

Again, while sightings of mountain lions are rare in the city, a lion was surprised by a customer a couple of years ago outside the Kimberly Post Office.  In that case, the animal made a quick getaway.

The Wood River Valley has frequent sightings in town and some lions have been spotted near a school and the airport in Hailey.

Remember, the advice for an encounter with a mountain lion remains unchanged.  Don’t run away.  Back away slowly.  Give the animal an exit.

From a distance, there are a number of other creatures that could resemble a big cat.   Getting a closer look to be sure isn’t recommended.

If there is a lion in the area, Fish and Game will have experience with removal.  You can telephone the regional office at (208) 324-4359.  If you don’t have the number immediately available, you can call the local police or the Sheriff’s Office and the details can be relayed.

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