I saw the beautiful blue Super Sport in Jerome and wanted some pictures.  It sat parked far away from any other open parking spaces, and I figured I could get some good angles.  Then suddenly the box labeled Jeep pulled in right next to the classic car.  The Jeep driver had multiple empty spaces close to the door at the shop.

First, if men drive Jeeps, they drive Wranglers.  The day-glow thing in the picture looks like something my daughter pedaled on the sidewalk when she was three.  Two, why the need to park close to such a classic?  Do you have a mission to ding the doors and chip the paint?  There’s a reason the driver of the valuable car parked at a distance.

A few days ago, I was at an Oasis and saw a ’67 Mustang rag top.  Again, I wanted pictures but just as I got close, the same thing happened.  Karen raced into an empty spot next to the classic and far away from the store.

Is it malice or are women oblivious to everyone else?

Today, I went shopping after work in a couple of stores.  I saw what I wanted, and suddenly a woman pushed a cart in my way, and she snatched a flower pot from a shelf.  She put it into her cart.  She removed it and held it aloft to see the price on the bottom.  Then she put it back into the cart.  Then she started staring at other pots.  I was right behind her, and it was like I was invisible.

At another store, a woman stopped in the middle of an aisle and started fondling bric-a-brac that looked like dead leaves.  I stood and waited and waited.  Why don’t you forget the potpourri and go home and do something useful?  Like, bake me a loaf of bread!  Or have a male relative escort you outside the house.  He can explain there are other people in the stores and at the shops.


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