My first response was, I don’t believe it!  I drive on Interstate 84 and I see people passing and I think they graduated from daredevil school.  Or when I’m in town I witness people driving as if they don’t see anyone else.  A few days ago, I was on Eastland Drive with a police car ahead of me.  A car darted from the right lane, into the left lane and then the turning lane.  All in one move and behind the police cruiser.  The car making the lane changes was a tuner.  Those are the cars favored by hoodlums nationwide.

Still, Idaho isn’t among the most dangerous places for passing on the highway.  Massachusetts takes the prize according to a study I came across.  The Suzuki Law Offices in Arizona likely handles its share of cases involving accidents and woeful drivers.

Idaho didn’t even make the top 10 worst.  Nor did the road rally crowd from Utah and Oregon.  California was listed at number eight.  A state with a lot of traffic but maybe because so much of it just slowly snakes along, it didn’t finish higher.

I drove once to New York City for a church conference with the father of a close friend (also a lawyer).  He told me to disregard what I had been taught about defensive driving.  As he explained it, if you’re in a place like that, you need to be aggressive on the streets!

Having grown up in a town with two traffic lights, where you could’ve napped on Main Street weekend mornings, I’ve never grown used to urban driving.

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