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I’ve seen the videos and photo essays mocking Walmart shoppers.  First, let’s point out you can see people in outlandish dress and hairstyles on any street and in any store in America.  Walmart gets the attention because elitists like to sneer and look down on deplorables, bitter clingers and really anyone in flyover country. 

Travelers like the store because you know what you’re getting when you stop

Even the liberal economist Robert Reich praises the chain.  Because it has made goods affordable for working people who could’ve never have bought them 50 years ago.  I shop at Walmart at least once a week.  If not more.  It’s near home and before the pandemic, if nobody else had a product I needed, Walmart likely had more than one.

I find the parking lot much more interesting.  A couple of summers ago I saw something resembling the Partridge Family bus parked near Cheney Drive.  Travelers like the store because you know what you’re getting when you stop.  It’s the same reason McDonald’s is often my go to stop when I’m on a long trip.  The fries are the same everywhere.  Hot and delicious.  It brings some comfort hundreds of miles from home.

The other day, I saw a car with an unusual paint scheme in the parking lot at the Twin Falls Walmart.  A large Christian cross on the hood and then some personalized doodling elsewhere.  It’s not likely to increase the resale value but the driver has a car quite unique.  Of course, I don’t know if the owner is a transplant from Alaska or just passing through, although.  When he or she walked into the store there was instant familiarity.  Kind of like the cross on the hood.  Comforting and safe.

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