Again, I realize this is a first-world problem.  On the flip side, when my cat won’t eat options and follows me around the house whining it takes a mental toll.  The wet cat food shortage is almost two years old.  There have been some breaks in between.  In other words, sometimes I’ve found his favorites on the shelves.  On Saturday, I went to four different stores and had no luck.

I put up a post about my travels on my personal Facebook page.  A friend back east explained she has the same problem.  She simply buys whatever she can when she sees it’s available.  That kind of buying only exacerbates the situation.  I’m not being critical.  I’ve done the same so that I can get some peace and quiet at home.

Ordering Online is an Option, Maybe

Another writer suggested the online pet food site Chewy was a good option.  It’s more expensive but I’ll pay a premium to calm my cat.  I found a case of what he likes and clicked on the picture.  A message told me it was out of stock!  I’ll be notified when and if it becomes available.

As for the cat I feed at the office, there was a time when she would eat anything.  Now she even turns up her nose at pate.

Canned Food is Floating off the Coast

I’m coming to my wit’s end on this effort.  I imagine there are container ships off Long Beach filled with cases of Friskies seafood shreds.  Oddly, I can find stacks of individual cans but the price difference is quite a shock.  Along with everything else on my shopping list.

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