With the opening of the Texas Roadhouse in Twin Falls the whole city has been talking about steak. They are known as a steakhouse so they must have great steak, right? That seems to be the consensus, but they are too new to be rated fairly on many review websites. On Yelp! they are still listed as a new restaurant and no reviews yet. So, I'm going to show you the ten best places to get a perfect steak in Twin Falls that aren't Texas Roadhouse

Based on reviews on Yelp! these are the best rated places to get a steak in Twin Falls. If you search 'Steakhouse' on Yelp! you'll get the following results:

If you open up the criteria to all restaurants who serve steak, you'll get a lot more variety and none of the 'Steakhouses' make it in the top 10:

There are some obvious omissions on this list and you can judge the restaurants by the number of reviews or the number of stars if you want. I chose to arrange them by stars. Some would argue that you can get steak at Applebee's, Shari's, the Golden Corral Buffet, and Black Bear Diner but they didn't rank high enough on the list.

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Where do you think has the best steak in Twin Falls? Is it really Duke's Grill in the Holiday Inn?

Underrated Restaurants

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