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First, they tell us we need to give up beef and eat bugs.  Then they tell us our houses are too big.  They insist we can survive without air conditioning.  Our cars and trucks guzzle too much gas.  If we can’t afford a new electric vehicle, they tell us walking and biking are much better.  They tell us the animals we eat are more precious than the babies they abort.  They tell you that Johnny can be Jennie and that pornography on library shelves is good for your kids.  If you object, they’ll seek to take away your children.

Now, they want you to eat duckweed.  A writer at the Washington Post recommends it as a great source of protein.  Skip the peanut butter and jelly and smear some of the weed on your daily ration of bread.  You can take solace in saving the planet from your inborn diabolical nature (especially if you have pale skin!)

It’s not quite Soylent Green, but it reminds me of another dystopian film.  When I was a teenager, Logan’s Run was a popular movie.  So much so that it was later re-made and also became a TV series.  I’m reminded of a scene with the legendary actor Roscoe Lee Browne playing a robot.  One that delighted in eating plankton.  You can watch what I’m talking about below.

In the meantime, if I want a steak and I can afford it, no granola-munching liberal is going to restrain me.  As I understand it, this remains the land of liberty.  You can eat all the duckweed, plankton, and kale you want.  It’s your choice.  And probably why you’re so miserable.

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