I’ve got mixed feelings about ugly sweaters.  When my toddler was a little girl, one of her favorite sweaters had a cartoon bear across the front.  I have a picture of her wearing it and with a big smile on her face.  I love that picture.  On the other hand, she was three at the time.  I’m not sure adults really need to wear these things.  I know people who buy them for one event a year, usually an office party (we can’t say Christmas, can we?)  That’s a big expense for a one-time use.

The same when it comes to Christmas ties.  A business consultant once told me a boss won’t take you seriously if you’re in a holiday tie.  I once wore a tie designed by a seven-year-old cancer victim.  She had drawn smiling suns and it was the theme.  My immediate supervisor told me ownership didn’t like “counter-cultural ties”.  One day, the company president showed up and in a moment where we were alone, I told him about the warning.  He told me his wife had died after being afflicted by cancer.  He told me I could wear the same tie.

Anyhow, back to ugly sweaters.  My dad gifted me with one at Christmas in the early 90s.  It was heavy and very warm.  Living in a cold climate, I wore it socially at a few winter events.  People gave me such a rough time I put it away and never wore it again.  The old man’s heart was in the right place, but it was evidence your parents would continue to embarrass you into adulthood.

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