Maybe someone under the age of eight.  However, after watching Ralphie wearing the bunny costume in a Christmas story, I believe you will need to coerce the kids.  Some years ago, I had a lady friend, and she had a costume that made her look like an Oompa Loompa.  I didn’t ever tell her that because I value my life!

We have our Townsquare Media Christmas party this week.  There will be some people there in outlandish costumes, however.  They’re entertainers by trade.  A college friend became a clown with a famous circus.  Sure, he looked silly in costume, but he made a good living.  After the show, nobody on the street recognized him.

It Welcomes People

Our operations manager made a good observation about the clown look.  It’s disarming.  It makes you more approachable at public events.  This is why I’ve let my hair and beard grow.  I was hoping it would be intimidating and people would leave me alone.  Instead, I get stopped more than ever before when I’m out shopping or eating.

I should’ve known better.  I look like every third guy you see on Idaho streets.  Like your warm-hearted uncle, I suppose.

It's More a Guy Thing

I’ve noticed guys are more likely to wear ugly sweaters and dress as Christmas clowns.  We used to work with a woman and she did get involved in the spirit with the sweaters and antlers with lights.  Let me just say she was one of the guys, and I mean that in a good way.  She was a born comedian and always had a ready wisecrack.  We know some wonderful people in radio.  And slightly off-kilter!

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