Dave Ramsey is known as a man who has helped many people climb out of crushing debt.  Many have learned how to save for the day they can or will no longer work.  His annual giving show is scheduled for Monday, December 18th.  Ramsey, a devout Christian, supports charitable causes. His program airs on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  Late nights on weekdays and the best of shows on weekends.  Those who are blessed often feel a need to share their blessing with others.

The host has a local connection.  One of his producers is the daughter of former Twin Falls Mayor Suzanne Hawkins.

This may be a rough Christmas for many Americans.  The country is nervous about the direction we’re going.  Warren Buffett is selling off tens of billions of dollars in stocks.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting the country has seen record growth in homelessness during 2023.

We all have a theory as to why this is happening.  There’s time to argue a cause, but right now, perhaps the focus should be on the cold and hungry.

I heard a great story about charity last weekend.  I was watching a documentary about the Battle of Stalingrad.  As the German invaders were surrounded, starving and freezing, some of the troops were searching for warmth.  They broke into a house and discovered an old couple living there.  Early in the war, the Germans would have turned the Russians into the weather.  The Russian people had no love for the invaders.

Yet, the couple welcomed the enemy and insisted they stay for hot soup that was cooking on the stove.  The old German who told the story cried as he recounted that terrible time and simple kindness.

We’re all called to a higher nature.  Christmas reminds us of the calling.

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