George Orwell has arrived in Idaho.  Data collection is big business and high tech has been compiling the likes and dislikes of nearly everyone for many, many years.  We willingly enter into most of those trades.  Such as when you open a Yahoo, Facebook or YouTube account.  It’s why you can get access to those platforms without shelling out even a dime.

it looks as if the state is keeping those records and with names attached.

When it comes to government, we’re often a little more skittish about the deep state keeping lists.  Betsy Russell of the Idaho Press tells us it’s going on in Idaho.  You can read more by clicking here.

The state tracks childhood vaccines for purposes of admissions into schools.  I don’t know if those records go away when you become an adult.  I would argue the records should sunset when you reach a particular birthday.  I’ll say the age of 18 for purposes of this story.

On the other hand, apparently there’s not supposed to be any records of your vaccinations stored when you’re an adult.  Guess what?  Yep, it looks as if the state is keeping those records and with names attached.  It would be one thing to say Idaho last year administered 25-thousand shingles vaccines.  The number isn’t the threat to your privacy.  It’s the listing of the names of all 25-thousand.

I’m happy to see some Idaho legislators calling out the bureaucrats.  The past 13 months have been a tutorial in how quickly government can derail your liberties and your privacy.  We’ve also exposed a great many people in politics and government who’ve enjoyed playing King.  Now there’s a list we need to keep!


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