KETCHUM, Idaho (KLIX)-A black bear that snapped at a person as it raided a trash can in Ketchum died during capture early Monday morning. According to Idaho Fish and Game Officials, the black bear was found with two cubs in a tree when conservation officers and local law enforcement showed up. Wildlife managers noted the the decision was already made to euthanize the adult bear while the two cubs were taken to the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall. Conservation officers said it likely died from a combination of the sedation, falling from the tree, and stress. Officials said the bear could have been the same bear that charged at a woman in the same neighborhood a week earlier, but they couldn't know for certain. “Due to her aggressiveness toward people, we could not in good conscience release her and have her end up in someone else’s home or camp,” Magic Valley Regional Wildlife Manager Mike McDonald said in a statement. He said people continue to leave garbage bins out overnight in the area. This is the second black bear to be euthanized in the state in recent days. Idaho Fish and Game said a bear that continued to tear into ice chests and tents at the Stoddard Campground near Interstate 15 had to be euthanized July 14, out of concern for public safety. Idaho Fish and Game said the same issue persists with people not properly storing food and garbage.

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