Remember the story about the little boys harassing a prophet?  A bear came out of some nearby bushes and gobbled them up.  Now we’ve got morons at Yellowstone harassing black bears.  In the case of the video posted by Tourons of Yellowstone, the people in the red Jeep appear to believe they’re in some animatronic amusement park.  Notice the Jeep bears New York State license plates.  I can attest there are parts of New York State where you can find conservatives, but it’s sparsely populated.  Mostly, when you see New York markings, the driving people are liberals, which translates to morons, which translates to Tourons.

Are They Even Thinking?

Yellowstone isn’t an amusement park developed for obnoxious easterners.  It’s not a zoo.  Some of the animals can eat you.

They're Playing a Dangerous Game

While I’ll admit that it could improve the gene pool, it usually ends badly for the bear.  The animal ends up getting killed because it may decide that bile-filled New Yorkers are tasty.  This happens when the people who consider themselves the smartest people on the planet feel entitled.  They would be the same crowd that sends a check to the National Wildlife Federation as a means of virtue signaling.  They’re the same jackasses that buy vacation homes near Sun Valley and then plant Japanese Yew.  Then they scream that caging chickens is mean, eating beef is a sin and abortion is reproductive healthcare.

Foul Your Own Nest

They’ve fouled their own Long Island suburbs, now they’re doing the same across the West.

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