HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX) Drivers in Blaine County will no longer be able to have their hand on the phone while driving by the end of September.

On Monday Blaine County Commissioners voted to pass the rule after public comment and support from the sheriff's office according to Commissioner Angenie McCleary. Drivers will be able to use a hands free device while operating a motor vehicle, such as a Blue Tooth headset or through built in speaker systems.

The infraction will cost a driver $100 if caught holding a cellphone while driving. McCleary said it will be up to the sheriff's office on how they approach enforcement, but thinks there will be an education period for drivers in Blaine County.

The new law comes after the cities of Hailey and Ketchum passed similar bans. The code will only apply to unincorporated parts of Blaine County. Drivers in cities of Bellevue and Sun Valley would continue to be able to use handheld devices. The new rule will go into effect September 28.

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