There’s a mountain lion wandering parts of Twin Falls and Kimberly.  The animal has been spotted on the northeast side of the city.  One block from Hankins Road as recently as Wednesday.  The animal hasn’t been a nuisance and could be following herds of deer near the Snake River Canyon.  If you see it, Idaho Fish and Game reminds you the best advice is to stay away.

Don’t shoot at it within city limits.  You’ll only find yourself in another sort of trouble.  The animal hasn’t yet made any threatening advances toward people.

Meanwhile, an aggressive coyote has been bothering people along the trail near the Knievel jump site.  This isn’t the first aggressive coyote in the area.  In fact, coyotes are becoming more aggressive in many other parts of the state.

Reports of mountain lions continue to grow in Blaine County.  A woman photographed one in a tree near a bike trail.  Another woman entered her front door to find a lion devouring a deer on her front lawn.  The cat let the woman know she wasn’t welcome.  Sightings are likely to remain high even after many prey animals head back into the high country because the lions have grown acclimated to living in town and feasting on feral cats and some pets.

It isn’t so much that wild animals are invading their space.  The growth of Hailey and neighboring communities is infringing upon their territory.  In some respects, parts of Blaine County have developed an urban character.

Just like animals, people are going to need to adapt.

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