A 77-year-old Warm Springs woman may be lucky to be alive.   A moose attacked her outside her home near Warm Springs.  She did nothing to provoke the animal, other than to be nearby when it was apparently stressed.

Terry Thompson, spokesman for Idaho Fish and Game told Magic Valley This Morning that the woman and her husband had been walking their dogs near Ketchum.  Then they drove home after sunset.  She and the dogs got out of the family vehicle as the husband prepared to pull into the garage.  The dogs began barking.  She rounded the vehicle and spotted the moose 20 feet away.  It charged and knocked her down.  She suffered a severe concussion and a bloody nose.  She was treated at a hospital.

Judging by her injuries, she may also have been stomped.  Fish and Game hasn’t yet determined if the moose was a bull or a cow.

The attack happened on Friday night but wasn’t reported until Tuesday.

Thompson explains the public should report all attacks as quickly as possible, allowing officers to track the animal possibly.  A moose can often be relocated.  The most important thing you can do is try and keep away from the animals.  The woman says she still can’t believe how quickly a moose can move.

While Thompson was on the air on Thursday morning, he was notified of another moose wandering in a residential area near Sun Valley.  To our east, Pocatello has had two moose within city limits in just the last few days.

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