Blaine County was Idaho’s “Ground Zero” for COVID-19.  Now there’s an effort coming to keep the public up to speed about where we stand with the virus and what we need to know in coming weeks.  The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office posted details at Facebook.

Do you wash your hands?  Have you started slacking with personal hygiene?

The meeting takes place Thursday and online.  It involves the South Central Public Health District and you’re urged to register in advance.  The details are included in the poster above.

Where the disease goes from here is a bit unpredictable.  Only in the sense nobody can predict mutations.  While it may have evolved to spread more easily, it could become less lethal.  Then in a few weeks it could mutate again and become stronger.  What is predictable is public response and some of the precautions you could take.

Personal responsibility still plays a major role in disease transmission.  Do you wash your hands?  Have you started slacking with personal hygiene?  As I mentioned in a story earlier this week, much of the response is ultimately based on public perception.  Government can issue orders but these only work with a steady “buy in” by the public.

While I’ve been a frequent critic of many of the lock down decisions, there’s nothing at all wrong about being informed.  It helps you make the right choices for you, your family and friends.  Signing up for the meeting would be a good idea.  The public health people, from my own personal experience, do a fine job of presenting facts in plain language.

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