(KLIX)-The 2012 Air Magic Valley is here and Saturday and Sunday performers will hit the skies. The US Navy Blue Angels spent the mid-day practicing in the skies above Twin Falls Thursday. The F/A-18 Hornets and their pilots are the stars of the show. But, one aircraft is still set to impress the crowd says its pilot. The Hercules C-130 or commonly known as Fat Albert is the largest of the performing aircraft at the Magic Valley Air show. Its piloted by Marine Captain John Hecker. He says its main mission is getting supplies for the Blue Angels Jets. It acts as a parts runner if something needs to be replaced. But, it also severs as entertainment and leads the Blue Angels performance. Fat Albert is back after missing several shows while it was getting an overhaul including a fresh coat of paint as well. A lot of support staff are part of the Blue Angels team. An essential member is the mechanics that make sure the planes are in top notch condition and ready for the performance. Sergeant Douglas Green is a Marine Structural Hydraulic Mechanic who meticulously inspect the aircraft.  The Marines are also celebrating their centennial this year.