Another world record has been toppled by a Boise man who has become somewhat of an Idaho legend for repeatedly rewriting the Guinness Book.

Boise native David Rush has done it again. Along with help from his pal Jonathan Hannon, the two recently broke the Guinness Book of World Records for exchanging the most toots in one-minute. These toots were not of the "magical fruit" variety, but instead came from store bought party horns. Rush and Hannon sounded their horns 108 times, blowing out the previous record of 78.

In order to make the record official, the two men needed to adhere to a couple of rules. The horn (thingy-mabobbie) needed to fully extend to 22 centimeters, and they couldn't touch their horns at the same time, according to Rush's official webpage. The two used a total of six horns to accomplish the feat, which was videotaped in a garage by a third party.

Rush also shared video of another recent record take down on his webpage. In 8.8. seconds, he managed to move a cream-filled biscuit from his forehead, down his face (no hands) and into his mouth resulting in total consumption. He accomplished the record while on vacation at Yellowstone National Park with family.

Rush also set the record for most balloons popped in one-minute last month. From a distance of six-feet, six-inches, he managed to pop 40, which bested the previous record set by Guinness Book legend Ashrita Furman.

Congratulations to David on his most recent conquest!

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