Perhaps no one alive today has been spending their quarantine time more productively than a Boise man who has broken multiple world records since the pandemic began.

Boise native David Rush and his record breaking teammate Jonathan "Hollywood" Hannon have done it again. The two men recently shared a kitchen table to attempt to break the world record for most bars of wet soap stacked vertically. Yes...this has surprisingly been attempted multiple times before.

Rush and Hannon have been busy the past few months combing through the Guinness Book of World Records in search of titles to strip from other individuals who managed to temporarily etch their names in international record immortality, which is something people have been pursuing for almost 70 years.

This is the third or forth time I've written about these two men and their accomplishments over the past couple of years. Prior to this most recent soap stacking achievement, the two attempted records including most grapes sliced, most raw eggs caught in the mouth and a knife juggling effort that certainly raised the danger bar.

Rush has become somewhat of a celebrity throughout southern Idaho, and has been posting videos of his attempts for years now. The two men were allotted just one-minute to pull off their most recent record attempt, in which they successfully stacked 47 wet bars, or the equivalent of two-feet of cleaning power.

Congratulations once again to David Rush and Jonathan Hannon for their most recent achievement. And like one of the comments says in the Facebook chain of responses to this new record, "that's just good clean fun there."

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