It is spooky season, Mwha ha ha ha!!! Living in Idaho is a treat, but there are some scary things about living in the area. Stick around, if you dare.

  • The Dierkes Lake Monster - the horrifying monster that lives at the bottom of the lake in Twin Falls. Some people report that the monster makes the water glow green at night. It might come up from the bottom and touch your leg every now and then.
  • Rock Creek Park - There are supposedly faces in the rocks along the canyon walls in Rock Creek Park. They are said to be the faces of lost children
  • Orpheum Theatre is said to be haunted and performers have said they had many encounters with ghosts.
  • The bridges - Whether it is the old Singing Bridge, the Perrine Bridge or the Hansen Bridge, each one has a creepy factor to them, especially at night. The old singing bridge actually used to sing. The Hansen Bridge has gotten so windy vehicles have fallen off of it and the Perrine Bridge feels like it is shaking when you go over it sometimes.
  • The smells - sometimes it is the sugar beet factory, sometimes it is the potato factory, sometimes it is not Chobani. The smells can get pretty scary around here.
  • The drivers - everyone says that every state has bad drivers. Idaho is no different or worse, but there are a ton of people who run red lights and don't use blinkers. It can be horrifying
  • The Unexplainable Booms - they happen every few months. The walls of your house starts to shake, your windows vibrate and it sounds and feels like a large truck is driving through your home. People feel them all over the area.

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