Gary Beeson

A Twin Falls man who was supposed to start a new job in Filer on Monday (Nov 12) has been reported missing by his brother.

Gary Beeson, also of Twin Falls, is asking people in the area to keep an eye out for his brother Keith, who has been missing for about 24 hours. Gary was contacted after his brother failed to show up for work.

"I'm fairly certain he didn't go hunting. He could be almost anywhere," said Beeson. "I was hoping someone might have seen him."

Gary Beeson

Keith Beeson drives a two-door, light blue, older model Toyota truck. (Above photo) He is a slender, caucasian male, with short dark hair.

If you have seen, or know of Keith Beeson's whereabouts, please contact the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office, at 208-736-4110, or Gary Beeson, at 208-961-1244.