Have you ever heard of Idaho mining legend "Stinky Dick?" If so, the 19th-century built cabin he lived in still sits surrounded by trees approximately 198 miles north of Twin Falls.

I have to admit, "Stinky Dick" is a name I'd never heard of until recently. I have a fascination with strange places, and spend a lot of time researching these types of locations found throughout the United States. According to the Internet, Dick was a beloved miner in Idaho who had a bad habit of never washing his clothes.

YouTube has a great video about Dick, which includes a visit by a pair of explorers who located the old cabin and shared their video in September of 2021. The location of the cabin is in a place called Ragtown, which is not to be confused with Ragtown Bar located 400 miles north of Twin Falls. The closest community to the old structure is that of Gilmore, Idaho.

The Idaho Bureau of Land Management apparently has some signs posted near the cabin that give more details about Dick. The site is just a couple of hours drive from the Magic Valley, so if you really wanted to learn more about Dick and see his old cabin for yourself, it's a road trip you could pull off in a day.

Dick also had several cats that lived with him, and wasn't a big fan of keeping his cabin tidy either, according to hisandhersphoto.com. I can't wait to go myself.

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