Filming has wrapped and a trailer has been released on a new movie that tells of the legend of a water creature that is said to live in the farthest southeast corner of Idaho in a lake that shares a border with Utah. The film is about a group of teenagers that set out to discover the truth behind the tale, and is set for a 2023 release.

Bear Lake is a popular recreation site for campers and boaters. Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of a creature that resembles an ancient dinosaur that once swam the waters of the planet. Books have also been written about the alleged creature.

The trailer for a film that explores the legend of the Bear Lake Monster has been released. The title of the film is The Legendary Bear Lake Monster. I watched the sneak peek recently on YouTube, and while it doesn't appear to be Oscar-winning caliber, it does seem like it has a chance at being somewhat entertaining.

The cast is young, and it appears to be the type of movie that will appeal to the teenage audience. Just the fact a film has been made that hits home to so many in Utah and Idaho is pretty cool. I personally have never visited the lake, but I understand its turquoise waters attract many to its shores.

Hopefully, enough people will see the film and will make their way to Bear Lake to investigate the claims for themselves. I'll look for it on Netflix next year.

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