Talk about making a grand entrance. Leap day / year babies are not very common and leap year babies born in cars outside of the hospital are rare like unicorns but it happens and this time it happened right here in the Treasure Valley. Jennifer and Julian had every intention of having their son born in the hospital but baby Anuel had other plans. Mom went into labor at 3:30am and right before Dad could get them inside the hospital Anuel decided it was time for a grand entrance into this world.

One of my favorite says songs... "Just live well and try and have a story"... Baby Anuel has one heck of a story to tell and this is just the beginning. He will always be the youngest in his class because officially he will only celebrate a birthday every 4 years and I'm assuming he will have the best parties because he will have to celebrate 4 times as much as a regular birthday. He will only share his special day with 5 million other people and opposed to us regular calendar babies that share our special day with twenty one million others.

Here are a few more interesting facts about people born on Leap year / day. Leaplings is the official nickname for these people. Thy're are also called Leapsters, Leapers and Leap day babies. Rare is almost an understatement, the odds of being born on February 29th are 1 in 1,461, or .068 per cent. I hope the next time you meet a Leapster you share some of these facts with them, I'm sure they will wow you with some of their own.

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