One of my coworkers named her Iris.  She was born in our storage barn 4 summers ago.  There were 4 kittens in the litter.  One was hit by a car.  A second vanished and on very rare occasions resurfaces and another fell ill in August and apparently died.  Iris is the last survivor.

I started petting her every morning.  Eventually this once wild cat started playing with my shoelaces.

She’s partly feral.

Or she was feral.  After she had a litter of her own, she was captured and spayed and given shots.  Not long after the surgery she was adopted out.  She never warmed up to the family and was returned to our barn.  A couple of years ago I was feeding her and as she was eating I reached down and petted her.  I started petting her every morning.  Eventually this once wild cat started playing with my shoelaces.  Followed by playing with me when I would take a seat on the back steps.

While I was away on a vacation two summers ago, another coworker took over feeding.  Iris quickly allowed a second person to touch her.  She also likes being brushed.

I’ve come to believe if you feed her, she’ll quickly warm up to you.  It’s why I think she would make a great indoor cat.  Not in a house with children or dogs but in a place with one or two calm people.  I can see this little cat adjusting in about a week.  When Iris sees people she likes, she gets happy feet.

We’re amazed she has lasted 4 years as an outdoor cat.  The late summer of 2019 she was nearly scalped by another animal.  Her hair filled back in after about 6 weeks.  She lives in a neighborhood not far from Rock Creek Canyon.  There are a lot of predators passing through.  If you have a trap you could find a way to take her home.  To a place warm and secure and the little sweetheart could live a long and peaceful life and keep you good company.

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