J.J. McCullough is a conservative Canadian political columnist.  He also hosts a popular YouTube channel.  He’s unabashed in his love for our country and predicts that much of Canada will someday merge with the United States.

Many of his videos are considerably less controversial.  He spends a lot of time discussing pop culture, entertainment, and travel.  Especially the latter.  He once produced a hilarious video about a trip to Regina, Saskatchewan.  The place isn’t exactly on a lot of bucket lists.

McCullough lives in British Columbia and has made many visits to Idaho.

He references that in a recent video, where he reviews videos.  To be more precise, he looked at tourist promotions from all 50 states.  He was impressed to a degree by what he saw when he came to Idaho.  But he says the leading Idaho tourist video is dated (albeit, the scenery hasn’t changed much).  It was put together three years ago, during the so-called COVID pandemic.  The film is very much an invitation to tourists to visit after the lockdown hysteria.

Otherwise, the aerial pictures of running animals and snowcapped mountains are pure Idaho eye candy.  You can watch the video below.

While you can’t stuff all Idaho scenery into a few short minutes, I didn’t notice any shots of Shoshone Falls in his review.  I know I’m a bit parochial, but I’ve traveled all corners of the state, and the falls belong in any video.

This is what happens when bureaucrats are in charge of anything artistic.

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