People simply can’t afford the trip.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office is bearing witness to some economic issues.  Fewer people are coming from other states or traveling from the Treasure Valley for boating, kayaking, or boarding on the Snake River off Centennial Park.  Deputies can tell by the number of inspections, parking spaces available, and tickets written.  Most of the people taking advantage of recreational opportunities on the river in recent weeks are much more local.

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Fuel Costs are the Culprit

Inflation and high fuel prices are also going to put a dent into the agency’s budget for water resources.  Patrol boats are rarely powered by wind sails.  A spokesman for the office told Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KILX that deputies may become more reactive than proactive in order to better manage fuel supplies.

Twin Falls County isn’t alone when it comes to the challenges associated with inflation.  Governments at all levels and first responders all buy fuel.  Cities and towns purchase concrete and asphalt for road and street repairs.  The latter is petroleum-based.  Government vehicles run on gas or diesel.  Budget season is underway and much of the increase may be factored into plans for the next fiscal year.

We Could See Lives saved

It’s difficult to find a positive in the current state of the economy.  However, fewer drivers making fewer trips could reduce the number of deaths on highways.  A similar drop was witnessed during the COVID lockdown two years ago.

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