For those familiar with the art rock that sits just outside the main entrance to Canyon Ridge High School, it was apparently painted over Tuesday night with what many believe to be hateful, anti-Black Lives Matter language.

An area teenager was able to take a photograph of Canyon Ridge High School's art rock the morning after it is suspected someone painted what some in the community are calling a spiteful message aimed at the BLM movement. School officials were able to paint over the graffiti quickly, and before many had the chance to notice what had happened.

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The fact someone wrote pro-Donald Trump messages on the rock is not what is being focused on here, instead it's the #FBLM, that some students have voiced concerns over. The Black Lives Matter movement has been heavily supported by people of all races across the world, and at its forefront carries with it a stance against racial discrimination and violence against African Americans.

The people responsible for Tuesday night's graffiti have gone, so far, unidentified. Another unfortunate thing about what occurred, is the fact that a memorial to a former community member and student who passed away was painted over. The rock has been a canvas for students to paint positive messages on for years.

I'm sure this #FBLM message can be spun in another direction, like for instance to mean "For Black Lives Matter," but only the person / people  who wrote it truly know what message was attempting to be sent.

Thanks to those responsible for painting the current message, "Love Wins." That can only be taken one way.

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