“Anti-government” is apparently what his parents named him.  It’s how I usually see his name appear in print and online news media.  Mom and Dad then must have selected Ammon as a middle name.

I don’t know Ammon Bundy.  On a couple of occasions I’ve heard him address a crowd.  If I was looking for an insurrection, he didn’t deliver.  He came across as, get this, calm! 

he didn’t stand and slug it out with anyone.  His resistance looked a lot more Gandhi than militant

When he was removed from the statehouse a couple of times last summer, he didn’t stand and slug it out with anyone.  His resistance looked a lot more Gandhi than militant.  Which leads me to believe he’s a man trying to make a point.  He doesn’t believe government is doing a very good job of looking out for its employers.  I’m not endorsing all of his tactics but I think he’s doing a lot of trial and error with a goal of finding a working political response.

“Anti-government” is what I think of when I see stories from Africa and South America when there’s a coup in some Third World country.  Tanks in the streets.  The radio and television stations seized.  Political opponents stood against walls and gunned down.

Bundy’s approach at Malheur five years ago was quite tame compared to what we’ve seen from Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  He’s not torched any police stations, tossed any gasoline bombs and he hasn’t attacked opponents with concrete milkshakes.

The media hugs and kisses its allies on the left.  It paints Bundy as a threat to the Republic.  A guy getting wheeled out of a public building in an office chair!

He’s a long shot for Governor but could play the role of spoiler.  What he really needs is a reality TV show.

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