Police in Cassia County say they have served warrants to two Mini-Cassia area businesses for allegedly selling a synthetic  marijuana known as "Spice."  According to KMVT the Cassia County Sheriff's Office reports that  warrants were  served on Kerbs Oil and One Stop Shop Thursday following a year-long investigation.  KMVT quoted Sheriff Randy Kidd as saying "the businesses are accused of possessing and delivering the drug commonly known as 'pep spice.'"  He says the organic material is coated with a man-made synthetic drug, which is then labeled as incense and sold.  Sheriff Kidd says the product, although labeled 'not for human consumption,' is deceptive. 'Pep spice' costs about 20- dollars a gram, and many have had to be hospitalized after smoking it.  The Minidoka and Cassia County Sheriff's Offices seized thousands of dollars worth of the alleged drug and drug paraphernalia, which will now be sent to a lab for testing.  Charges are pending on lab results and further investigation according to the story on KMVT.

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