This morning we found a black and orange looking fluffy caterpillar. After some research it was determined it is a wooly bear caterpillar. Not only are they interesting to look at, there supposedly can predict the type of winter we are going to have.

According to superstition, the more black the caterpillar has on it the more sever the winter, the more orange, the more mild. This one has a fairly big orange band around it and I think that means that the winter is going to be fairly mild.

There is some large chunks of black on it as well. I am not a scientist nor have a specialty in reading bugs or weather, but it might indicate that the winter may be mild but still have snow. I mean, it is all right there in the bug right?

More interesting I found was that those "furry" bits on the caterpillar aren't fur, they are spines that can cause irritation to your skin if you touch them. So even though it is tempting and they look soft, it is best not to touch.

This little guy on our door step at the radio station is not super long so that might also indicate that the orange is proportional, or we should all agree that bugs probably aren't the best way to predict weather. However, it is incredibly interesting.

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