Idaho’s transgender community must be mired in poverty.  An upcoming transgender fair at the College of Southern Idaho is seeking clothing donations.  A member of my radio audience shared some of the details.  I gather this is an annual event, or it became one after the invention of social media, which has convinced a lot of people they were born in the wrong body.

I know about a need for a wardrobe change.  I dropped 90 pounds over nine months and my waist size was greatly reduced.  I bought some new pants.  Now I see I should have simply asked for donations, though.  Knowing many of my friends, I would’ve received hand-me-downs.

Not that used clothes would matter to young people.  They all buy blue jeans already ripped.  One of our company’s radio stations in another city posted some promotional pictures of staff.  Some of these kids have more holes than cloth in their pants.

Consider for a moment that jeans have been a staple among both men and women for decades.  I would think denim is the one piece of clothing that can make the transition without a demand for new pants.

As you can see, I haven’t disparaged the event, but it won’t matter.  Because a conservative writer with traditional beliefs mentioned something that’s public knowledge, I’ll get nasty emails and calls.  I would offer a bit of advice.  Before you permanently change your plumbing, wear the clothes for a time.  You can always go back to an old wardrobe.  You can’t change some of the surgical alterations.  We all have moments in life where we’re not sure about things.  My experience has been the rough periods pass in a year to 18 months.

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