I’m a sucker for vintage TV commercials.  Old school jingles still get stuck in my head and not just the Oscar Meyer Weiner song! Long before the thought ever crossed anyone’s head of putting a bar in a grocery store or a store that had a Starbuck’s inside, Albertson’s created one of my all-time favorite jingles campaigns with the “It’s Joe Albertson’s Supermarket jingle, that I still sing as I walk into the store today.  Do you remember it?  Here’s a great refresher for you if you need it! 

As soon as you thought maybe the jingle had been played out, Albertson’s came back with another great one, that I think is timeless.  This commercial from 1993 is a little dated, but it’s not the music... it’s the hair!  Go ahead and sing along... “Albertson's... It’s your store!” 

With all the innovation that has been made in the newer Albertson’s stores over the past few years, I wish they would come up with either a new jingle or bring back one of those classics!  Please Albertson’s, bring back the jingle! 

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