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The coronavirus plague and the economic fallout have created hardship around the world.  For most people under 75, it’s the greatest crisis they’ve ever personally faced.  Coach Pete Coulson is literally a product of the post war era.  His father was an American GI serving in Europe.  After his Austrian mother gave birth to twins, she placed them in an orphanage.

Eventually, he was adopted.  After the tragic death of his twin brother.

Eventually, he was adopted.  After the tragic death of his twin brother.

Pete came to the United States and painstakingly worked his way through college.  Then he became a successful athletic coach, referee and counselor.  He’s a popular public speaker.  Coach has persevered, to put it mildly.

With Easter approaching, he joined us on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  He spoke of his faith and how he learned to see other points of view.  Points of view he often dismissed in the past.

You can listen to our conversation at the YouTube video below.  I admit, there was a rough start.  Somehow my non-opposable thumbs cut off his call, however.  The talk that followed is one I hope will make you consider what’s really important in life.  So much of what we experience is transitory.  Whether it be pleasure or pain.  In both instances it should help us focus on what truly is special and it should be a learning experience.

In the year I’ve known the Coach, it has greatly made me reconsider how I treat family, friends and foes.  I can’t say I’ve corrected all my flaws but it’s a lifelong learning process.

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