The elites simply want mom and dad to butt out.  They say it’s none of your business if your son Johnny identifies as Jenny at school.  They claim you can’t tell them what books they’ll stack on library shelves.  They tell you there’s no such thing as critical race theory being taught in classrooms.  And they’re infuriated when you refuse to believe them.

Let me break some of these issues down.  We need school choice.  If a bureaucrat employed as the Assistant Principal for Collecting Pencil Shavings is hiding secrets from you, then you need options when it comes to education.

When it comes to libraries, your tax dollars fund the stacks.  If your kid is going to the movies, we turn them away from adult content.  As a parent, you make the decision on what your kids are exposed to in books, online, and when it comes to shows you watch (with an assist at the local cinema).  If you want books on shelves about two mommies, then put them in a secure location.  Liberal mommies can then check them out for their own kids.  The rest of us can leave them behind the ropes.

When it comes to explaining what is CRT, a fellow with a law degree with no experience in the classroom isn’t necessarily an authority on the matter.  Numerous teachers from across Idaho have told me we have CRT in many classrooms.  It’s not sanctioned by school boards and administrators, but many turn a blind eye when individual teachers include it in lesson plans.  Again, I have witnesses!  One state senator even had the admission of her local school superintendent.

There was a program about CRT at a Twin Falls church.  The room was filled with liberals and more RINOs than you’ll find on the African grasslands.  Their elitist mission is now to spread the false gospel and continue their efforts to seize the minds of your children.  This needs to stop.  If not, it won’t be long before the swells are demanding we bring out our kids so that the elites may know them.  As an old Marine told me in a text this morning, our only saving grace so far has been that our kids can’t read, and therefore the naughty books have failed.

Do you want to hear the public’s response?  Click here.  I got an earful this morning.
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