We had a conversation on-air today about government transfer payments.  I described all of them as being the “dole”.  A disabled veteran rightly took exception.  He made his deposit in service of his country.  Now we need to keep our end of the bargain.  In the meantime the country is going broke because others are getting a check they rightly didn’t earn.  Art Versnick, one of my former bosses, sent me this video from a Florida TV station.

The woman has 15 kids from multiple fathers and believes the rest of us must pick up the tab.  Is this what Hillary Clinton means when she says it takes a village?

The video from Florida reminded me of an interview I saw several years ago from an Occupy Movement demonstration in Atlanta.  Listen here to authentic liberal gibberish.  These people may also be voting.  Be very afraid!

Mom's favorite film, Courtesy, Wikimedia
Mom's favorite film, Courtesy, Wikimedia

The authentic liberal gibberish reminds me of a scene from what was my late mother’s favorite movie.  Mom was poor but never took a dime from the government.  This is the scene from Blazing Saddles.

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