You can help touch up some local history.  On Saturday, April 24th.  From 9 o’clock in the morning until 1 o’clock in the afternoon.   It’s called a Community Workday for the Stricker Homesite. 

This was also before irrigation made most farming in Southern Idaho possible

Idaho was a vastly different place in 1865 when the homestead began near Hansen.  When the Rock Creek Store opened, the site became an important stop on the Oregon Trail.  Many people living in neighboring Oregon, Washington State and other parts of Idaho can potentially trace ancestors who made the passage though Hansen.

Back in 1980 the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Admission to the site is free.  And on the 24th it’s not only free but you can bring along some elbow grease!  Volunteers can help get the site back in shape after the long winter.  You might want to bring along the kids.  You can explain the work done on Community Workday pales in comparison to the heavy lifting of an age before social media and modern conveniences.

Life in the era demanded constant attention from sun up until sun down and even beyond.

This was also before irrigation made most farming in Southern Idaho possible.  There were few other people living in the area but travelers and mail carriers helped spread news.

It was still slow.  After the assassination of President Lincoln, I’ve read the tragic news took more than a month to reach Oregon.  It likely passed through the Rock Creek Store and was likely received with great sadness.

Appreciate life and appreciate the modern ease of life bequeathed by those who blazed the path.

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