If you can’t move the Idaho state line to Oregon, then move from Oregon to Idaho.  A few days ago, there was an editorial in the Magic Valley Times News.  The writer acknowledged the leaders of the Greater Idaho movement were well-organized but on a quixotic quest.  I agree with one caveat.  Life in the United States is comfortable when compared to the rest of the world.  A major disruption caused by economic depression or war could change some boundaries and change the map of the United States.

The secessionist movement in Oregon is primarily liberal and motivated by conservative politics.  The “Left Coast” as it’s often known has generally been happy with the direction of the state.  Guys in Burns have little in common with guys in Portland, however.  For the first time in four decades, Oregon has seen its population decline.  And I don’t believe it’s the rural people packing up and leaving.

I would wager the moving vans are leaving Portland, Eugene, and Salem.  Why?  Because you can only virtue signal when you’re also comfortable.  If you were recently assaulted, robbed, or spat upon in a park by a homeless man, then you have a few choices.  You can accept it as your punishment as an oppressor.  You can hide inside your expensive home.  Or you can leave.  It appears the latter is the choice for many.  Where are they going?  I’m sure some are coming to Idaho.  Not necessarily to rural Idaho.  I can see the traumatized liberals going to the Treasure Valley, Ketchum or Coeur d’Alene.

When they arrive after fouling their previous nest, will they do the same here or will they experience an epiphany and have a political conversion?  It’s an ongoing question.

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