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Personally, this must make me among the healthiest people in America!  I drink an average of 3 strong cups a morning.  When you consider my prodigious weekend consumption, the average may be closer to 5 cups over the course of a week.

I don’t use cream or sugar.  I drink it the manly way.  Which is plain or “black” as most of us say.  I gave up sugar at least 30 years ago and the powdered creamers convinced me to become a straight drinker.  A doctor had suggested many years ago the powdered variety wouldn’t be good for me. 

I don’t use cream or sugar.  I drink it the manly way.

After a couple of weeks without the additives, I discovered I liked it the manly way.

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of using drip brewing but when I bought a percolator I can put down over a flame…  Now that’s coffee!

My consumption at the office has actually slowed since we installed a Keurig.  Possibly because it allows me to brew a stronger cup with the push of a button.

My dad liked coffee but after heart surgery was told to switch to decaffeinated.  He spent his golden years drinking Sanka.   He got the advice in the mid-80s.  Medicine has since taken a second look at coffee consumption.  The results are much more welcome for anyone with a thirst for the beverage.

This morning I came across this link.  It tickled my confirmation bias!  The writer explains there are several health benefits associated with the ancient drink.

Of course, drinking a dozen cups a day may not be recommended, although.  It was said Theodore Roosevelt got his superhuman energy by drinking gallons a day.  True, but his brew was relatively weak and it was dangerous to get between the President and the men’s room.

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