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A symbol of American capitalism is going full Venezuelan.  The Wall Street Journal suggests you can combat inflation by not eating.  The paper has a high paywall, but others are following the story.  You can see more by clicking here.  The paper suggests you can start the day by skipping breakfast.  I guess we’re supposed to ignore all that talk that a morning meal is the most important part of the day.

The paper says you could still have a cup of caffeinated coffee to give you a burst.  However, the writer recommends you skip instant coffee, which apparently is facing even more inflationary pressure than beans or ground.

I’ve been lucky on coffee, I stocked up well over a year ago when I could sometimes get my ground Maxwell House for under six bucks a can and sometimes on sale for under five dollars.  I’ve got three cans left and will soon experience sticker shock.

Early Sunday morning, I was at WinCo and was shocked to see the price of store-brand coffee.  Is there any relief in sight?  The Producer Price Index was released last week and it was ominous.

On the good side, I found a decent price on canned mushrooms at WinCo.  A member of my audience told me last week the price wasn’t as frightening as what I saw at Smith’s.

Here’s the thing, stores often have different suppliers and you’ll see variations.  But I’ve also noticed some goods at Smith’s are cheaper than WinCo.  I’m now visiting multiple grocery stores to fill out my weekly shopping.

Oh, and I’m happy to note my cat is o.k. with a slightly cheaper brand of canned food.

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