The United States government agency which oversees consumer affairs has warned Americans of the continued rise in money-bilking robocalls relating to COVID-19.

The Federal Trade Commission has added information to its official website that gives people tips on avoiding falling victim to scammers targeting those who believe they may have contracted the Coronavirus, or have donated money to various causes to combat the pandemic.

The latest fraudulent calls involve test kits. Scammers have recorded messages that offer fake, discounted home testing supplies, and are calling those who are older, and don't have access to transportation. Seniors living in independent or assisted living communities are a great example of the population of Americans who are susceptible to these scams.

The FTC urges the public to take the following steps to avoid falling victim to these nationwide scammers:

1. Don't respond to texts that are claiming to originate from a U.S. government agency or organization. (WHO, CDC...etc)

2. Ignore offers on the Internet for home testing kits.

3. Hang up immediately if you receive a call that appears to sound suspicious, or computer-generated. 

4. Do not donate money, gift cards or funds from personal credit cards that are being solicited in a suspicious manner. Research before donating.

For more information on what to do if you receive a suspicious email or call, click here.

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