A new food truck is up and running in Twin Falls called Creative Cravings and the food looks fantastic.

The plan for the truck is to be open Tuesday through Saturday and available for catering events. Since they have only been open about a week they are still figuring out a schedule and where they are parking each day. Wednesday and Thursday of this week they will be at the Barbershop at Gehrig Dale and Co so you can go check them out. In the future they plan on being behind Albertson's where you can find several other food trucks.

Follow their Facebook page to figure out exactly where they are going to be and when. The menu is pretty epic. They have a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches like a pizza grilled cheese that has pepperoni in it and comes with marinara sauce. They have a grilled cheese sandwich burger, the buns are grilled cheese sandwiches! And a bacon burger that looks delightful.

They also are serving hot dogs! Hallelujah a place to get some good hot dogs! They have a BLT hot dog, which is pretty self explanatory. I personally got the chance to have their Philly sandwich and Philly fries and oh my goodness, so amazing.

They will also be serving deep fried treats like Oreos and they have some milkshakes you can order. The owners say things are always changing and you can follow them for more details on their food and location updates. Yummy! Yes please! And if you want something catered, they said they can help you with that too.

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