I am not sure how I missed the opening of this awesome food truck, but Chuy’s Grub is now available for specific events. According to their Facebook page, they are able to be booked for events or you can get their signature tamales delivered.

There is not much better than a great, authentic, tamale. You can get Ortega Tamales which are 20 pork tamales with red sauce for $20 dollars. They are gluten-free even. On their menu, they also offer different plates for events. There is a loaded pork tamale plate, a loaded hot Cheeto bowl. The Hot Cheeto bowl is hot Cheetos with nacho cheese sauce and a choice of parmesan, lime, or hot sauce. I really wish I liked hot Cheetos because I would give that a go.

They also have chicken fajita tacos or a quesotaco plate. Those come with marinated chicken. If you get it quesotaco style that means it is fajitas inside a Mozzarella quesadilla. That sounds fantastic. The plate also comes with Mexican rice and beans. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer sweet tacos for dessert as well. I feel like I need to come up with an event to have just so I can have them cater and/or deliver.

You can check them out on their Facebook page and get more details. It might be fun to have them around for a Superbowl game or something. Who doesn’t love a good tamale?

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