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Some good news among a lot of bad news lately.  D&B Supply is still on target to move into its new digs on Addison Avenue.  Some renovations are going on right now.  The change is going to give D&B a massive footprint.  One of the most popular stops in the valley, I often drop by on a Saturday (I guess I could go weekday afternoons!) and the place is packed.  In a way, the current narrow aisles give you a sense of a very busy store, however.

As I recall, the new digs could be up and running by late summer or early fall.

The new store, in the old Kmart building is going to offer a lot more room for displays and for inventory.  Parking will also be plentiful.

As I recall, the new digs could be up and running by late summer or early fall.  I may not go on opening day for one simple reason.  It’s going to be wall to wall people, even with more space!  I’ve been to a couple of events at the old store and when there’s a promotion underway…  It can be intense.

Another factor for a packed opening day is we expect life to be a lot more like normal in a few months.  People who’ve been pent up for weeks on end want some experience.  Like the tactile feel of picking up something from a shelf you really need around the home, garden or farm.

I think I mentioned this in a previous post but this is going to be really great for the other businesses in the neighborhood.  Those shops will benefit from the traffic.  Which is going to be very good for neighbors who’ve weathered a pretty big spring storm.

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