I love these travel sites that feature some of Idaho’s best known places as well as some not so well known.  Only in Your State has listed a dozen places you need to visit and I’ve been to six of them.  I also need to mention these places are listed as day trips.  Some, like the Eagle Tree, are even less than a day trip. I’ve made it several times and stopped for a bite to eat next door. 

On the other hand, the drive from Twin Falls to my hotel was 12 hours.

On the other hand, some are day trips only if you’re already in the neighborhood.  I spent one week in the panhandle a couple of summers ago.  From my hotel, a silver mine, the Cataldo Mission, Kellogg, Wallace and Coeur d’Alene were all less than a day trip.  On the other hand, the drive from Twin Falls to my hotel was 12 hours.  I did make some stops in between and if I had just kept to the road it would’ve been considerably less but I wanted to see so much in between.  After all, I don’t make the drive very often.

I’m happy to see Idaho City on the list.  A friend came out a few years ago to see the Cousins Game at Albertson’s Stadium (I’m told it’s an apt description for the BSU/BYU rivalry).   He really liked the stadium experience.  He liked Idaho City even more.  He used to work as a prosecutor in a state back east (in the same office with “Beau” Biden, the President’s late son).  So, when he saw the courthouse in Boise County resembles something straight out of an episode of Gunsmoke, my buddy was very amused.

Did Only in Your State leave anything special off the list?


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