Friends won’t speak to you any longer.  They tell you that you’re out of your mind.  You feel ostracized.  Not because you voted for Trump but because you like the taste of eggnog.  Last weekend I decided to look for some while shopping.  There was a fellow unpacking boxes and he apologized for being in my way.  To which I explained I could reach around the boxes and into the case.

Then I told him it was time for my yearly eggnog.  “Better you than me,” he replied.  He’s not a fan of eggnog.  It makes me wonder what they’re tasting.  To me, it’s like a milkshake.  Thick and sweet.

I’m reminded of a friend who wouldn’t eat canned mushrooms.

I’m reminded of a friend who wouldn’t eat canned mushrooms.  She didn’t like the slippery texture.  I can dump a can into a pan with some minced garlic and butter and call it dinner.

There are acquired tastes.  A friend won’t drink Dr. Pepper and can’t understand why I can go through a liter a day.  I also like beets and pumpkin pie.  Those were acquired tastes.  When I was a kid I tried skipping some foods on the holiday menu.  Usually, I was told to dig in and learn to enjoy the bounty (Mom and Dad didn’t want to embarrass the baker or the host).

Speaking of pumpkins, you can buy pumpkin flavored eggnog.  It’s great!  Pumpkins have almost as many uses as eggs and tomatoes.  I came across a YouTube channel hosted by an English transplant named Laurence Brown.  He enjoys making comparisons between English speaking peoples on opposite sides of the “Pond” as he calls the Atlantic Ocean.

In the following video, he lists a wide array of uses for the pumpkin.  Some of which were even news to me!

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